Thursday, November 3, 2011

Banana Nut Bread

My grandmother is one of the best bakers I know. She can make just about any cake or dessert just off the top of her head and it usually blows away the store bought stuff. I think this talent comes from the fact that she finds joy in what she does. She takes pleasure in thoughtfully and skillfully making something that she know others will enjoy. I believe this is why Blue Bell is just as good at what they do. How else could they have put the warmth and goodness of homemade banana nut bread into an ice cream?!

The new banana nut bread ice cream is a part of the "Holiday Favorites" line that's in stores right now. As I was perusing the freezer case this flavor caught my eye for two reasons, first banana nut bread is one of my grandmother's specialties; so, unfortunately, it's one of the things I miss out on living so far from home. And secondly, I was curious about how they were going to transform a classic like this into a viable ice cream option. Well, folks, they did it and they did it well!

Creamy banana ice cream with a healthy serving of banana nut bread pieces, roasted walnuts and a cream cheese frosting swirl running throughout. They did it right! Everything is perfectly balanced and the banana bread pieces are perfectly soft and chewy but not soggy!

5 out of 5 scoops for nostalgia and flavor integrity!


  1. Blue Bell ice cream is possibly the best ice cream I have ever had! I am eating a bowl of this right now, and I must admit, it is AMAZING! We picked up a gallon of BNB, and Kentucky delight for only $6.00!!

  2. Begging for a wider distribution of Mocha's the best thing I've ever eaten-Thanks!!!