Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Tracks

My good friend Amy B. is guest blogging about one of her favorite Blue Bell flavors this week. Here's what she has to say about Happy Tracks:

I grew up eating Blue Bell Ice Cream. When we are offered dessert at a restaurant, my father-in-law always advises the waiter that “We have a half-gallon of Blue Bell at home in the freezer.” It’s true. Blue Bell is just as satisfying as any dessert in a restaurant due to their creative combinations.

Happy Tracks is Blue Bell’s classic vanilla ice cream with dark fudge swirls and chocolate peanut butter cups. This ice cream is full of flavor- the dark chocolate fudge swirls and peanut butter cups are a dangerous combo… you’ll wish you had a bigger bowl!

I totally agree with Amy, I couldn't get enough of Happy Tracks! This was the first flavor I tried at my recent Scoop-a-palooza at Pokey O's, and it did not disappoint. The ice cream itself was great but the peanut butter cups stole the show, when you pair creamy peanut butter and rich milk chocolate you can't go wrong!

5 out of 5 scoops for perfect pairing.


  1. Lydia, i agree ... Happy tracks is amazing! Peanut butter cups in a swirl of chocolate is off the hook. I devoured a half gallon in thirty minutes! :)

  2. I love happy tracks but can't find it anywhere and this doesn't make me happy with blue bell

  3. I love happy tracks but nobody has it and this doesn't make me happy with blue bell