Saturday, May 28, 2011

Homemade in the Shade

Homemade in the Shade is the PERFECT ice cream to make a brownie sundae with...which is exactly what I did last night! Rich vanilla ice cream with thick chocolate fudge ribbons running throughout. I love that the fudge isn't too sweet, which is a great balance with the vanilla. Its a simple flavor with wonderful depth.

5 out of 5 scoops for flavor balance.

Update: I honestly cannot get enough of this flavor! It may be new favorite...sorry Orange Swirl


  1. Homemade in the Shade is incredibly amazing. I drove to the store simply because I was craving those hard chocolaty swirls in that homemade vanilla, cures that chocolate bar and ice cream craving in one. It is my favorite flavor by far...much richer than cookies and cream.

    Unfortunately, my local Kroger didn't have any homemade in the shade in stock and I had to go with a different flavor that was the closest to Homemade in the Shade, Century Sundae (not that bad).

  2. PLEASE PLEASE send this to brooksire in
    quitman texas!!!!!!