Sunday, May 15, 2011

Southern Blackberry Cobbler

Blue Bell you've done it again, all aboard the nostalgia train! When I was a little girl Sunday dinners were a big deal in my house. My mother would spend the whole day in the kitchen putting together a feast of comfort food. Roast beef, baked macaroni and cheese, vegetable casserole, cornbread where just some of the staples. My sister and I would set the table and all of the dishes were served up...all except one. Pie! On Sunday afternoon while the meal was simmering, my mom would go to a local bakery and pick up a fresh baked pie. After the meal was done we'd clear the table and then get a slice of pie a la mode. Which brings me to Blue Bell's Southern Blackberry Cobbler.

Lightly flavored, creamy blackberry ice cream with a swirl of rich blackberry sauce and flaky pie crust pieces. The ice cream itself is delicious, creamy, and perfectly fruity and the pie pieces were soft on the outside and crumbly (almost crunchy) on the inside. If I were going to a dinner party and it was my job to bring the dessert, I would forgo making or buying a pie and just bring a half-gallon of this instead!

5 out of 5 scoops for living up to the Blue Bell slogan, "tastes just like the good old days"

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  1. I love this flavor too! Just had it again yesterday, it had been years, but the flavor is just as you described. Delicious! :)