Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pokey O's

There are about 19 weeks left in my challenge, and I have about 54 flavors to go. So I'm facing an issue when it comes to my Blue Bell review challenge...too many flavors and not enough time. At the rate I'm going I would need to taste and review 2-3 new flavors per week from now until October 1st. Its not impossible, but I have an idea to make it a little more interesting. Enter Pokey O's!

Pokey O's is a cookie and ice cream shop here in Dallas featuring 15 Flavors of Blue Bell ice cream, that you can order by the scoop or sandwiched between their fresh baked, gourmet cookies. I plan on visiting Pokey O's this Saturday and hopefully getting a scoop or two of each of their flavors (if my wallet is willing). This Scoop-a-palooza should help push me over the hump a little.

I'll report back next week with the new reviews and about my first Pokey O's experience!


  1. HMMMM - maybe we can help you out! How about we let you try them ALL for free (I assume small scoops are OK)? We also have a secret flavor in the back. It pays to blog. :)

    What time do you plan to come in on Saturday?

    - Pokey O

  2. WOW! Really?! That's awesome! How does 1pm sound?

  3. Awesome!!! I wish we had a Pokey O's around here. Cookies & ice cream in the flavors you want sounds super yummy! Have fun & remember to take some pics before eating them all.

  4. 1pm is perfect. We'll be there with "bells" on. (Pun totally and completely intended.)

  5. Awesome, Lydia! Maybe you need to move back to central Fl and open a Pokey O's.